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Fadgen's Adventures
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wine is our friend!

Unlike the previous couple of mornings, this morning's sky held nothing but sunshine as we headed out on the loop tour Antonella had planned for us.  A bit of downhill, followed by quite a bit of uphill to San Terenziano.
Todi in the distance

There we relaxed in the piazza while the locals shopped at their the weekly market.
Porchetta and fresh fish trucks


Then it was back towards Todi.  The highlight of Tamara's afternoon was a group of Italian riders (mostly young studs) passing us doing 45 km/hr!
We had a small problem with our timing of this ride.  We had a wine tasting scheduled for 3PM and it was 12:30 when we rode by the winery.  Oh well!  Back to the hotel/piazza for some pizza and a shower and we'll just take the bus to the winery later.

We decoded the bus schedule, but not the bus driver.  After a half hour on the wrong bus, which included a tour of the outskirts of Todi, we were dropped off back where we started!  Once the correct bus arrived, we were finally dropped off close to Franco Todini Winery an hour later than our scheduled tasting.

There we tasted some of the local Grechetto and Sangiovese wines before buying a bottle.  We spent the next half hour outside enjoying the day drinking wine, while waiting for the return bus.  Yes, a bus!   Obviously a cab would have been faster, but nothing in Umbria is fast, so a bus it was.

After a short rest, it was time for dinner and more wine.  Yes, wine was our friend again today!

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