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Fadgen's Adventures
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Montefalco to Spoleto

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This morning came a bit too early - we were tired due to the Friday night partying happening on the main street below us.  At one point I thought I should just go down and join them, but an accordion and drum machine are just not my style.

We met with Antonella and Simone again this morning at our hotel, to get the day's itinerary.  The plan was for a short cruise down the hill from Montefalco and then through the valley before a slight climb into Spoleto. Something like 35km with 300m climb, no big deal.
Tamara leaving Montefalco

A look back at Montefalco
As we were cruising along in the valley, we could see another hill town off to our left.  With a short day and plenty of time left, we opted to detour from our planned route and take a look.  After a few Italian roundabouts and a 4km climb, we entered through the ancient arched entrance to Trevi.
Tamara climbing through the olive trees
Since it was early in the morning and it being a small town, there wasn't much going on in the main piazza.  So after a short walk about we settled in with the locals to have some caffe.

The day's selection
After our small, strong shot of caffe, it was time too move on to Fonte di Clitunno.  A spring that has been used since Roman times.  Here we stopped and snacked on the remnants of last night's dinner, before again climbing aboard the bikes for Spoleto.  

Surprise, surprise, Spoleto is another hill town, but much larger than the others we have visited.  After winding through the "new" section we entered the old "upper" town and made the final grunt of a climb to our residence for the next two nights - the B&B L'Aura run by a great gal, Claudia.
Entrance to B&B - a bit hard to find

Views from the B&B
After cleaning up, the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent chatting with Claudia, walking up and down the steep streets, drinking wine, washing clothes, drinking more wine, then having dinner with wine.
Ulysess - Our host gatto

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