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Fadgen's Adventures
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 4 - Roma to Assisi

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Jet lag my ass, huh?  Neither of us slept well, either the time change is affecting us or we were excited to get to Umbria.  Because of this we are a bit earlier than anticipated at Termini train station.  We had plenty of time for a cappuccino and croissant.  We also watched a couple of shady dudes suck down some beers, while scoping out unsuspecting travelers at 7AM.  Nice!

Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis, of the Franciscan monks fame.  Big deal over here.  It is a 2 hour train ride north of Roma, in the northern Umbian Vale.  As a bus took us from the train station up and into Assisi, Tamara and I looked at each other and wondered aloud about cycling these narrow roads.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

After a quick sandwich at a touristy pizzeria in the Piazza del Comune, we spent the afternoon visiting the major attractions in Assisi - Cattedrale di San Rufino, the Basilica of San Francesco, and the Rocca Maggiore.  The first two are churches and Rocca is an 11th century castle.

I must say, they take their religion seriously out here!
View from our hotel room
Roman Temple of Minerva in Piazza Comune
Cattedrale di San Rufino
This confessional has heard a lot of sins!
St. Francis - Cattedrale di San Rufino
Rocca Maggiore
Can you guess what these are?
The "old ball and chain"
Rocca Minore from Rocca Maggiore
Some random Assisi shots:

All the streets are steep and narrow - many do not allow autos

A million religious trinkets are for sale here
I made a new friend - Fabrizio
Evening from the hotel
Tomorrow starts the cycling portion of the trip and we can't wait.  All this walking doesn't seem to be burning off the copious amounts pasta and wine, hopefully the cycling will.

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