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Monday, June 15, 2015

Spoleto to Todi

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Once again Antonella met us after an excellent colazione by Claudia, to provide our turn by turn instructions for the next leg of our journey.  With the forecast calling for a 50% chance of rain in the afternoon, we were hoping for an earlier start than normal.  After saying goodbye to our hostess for the last two nights, Claudia, we were on the road a little after 9AM.  Unfortunately, we were in the middle of Monday morning traffic!
Gathering storm
Today's ride was about 50km on mostly country roads.  We dodged a rainstorm while climbing up and over the one major summit for the day and then tried to wait another storm out on the downhill side.

Not being one to sit still, I was itching to get going.  So Tamara pulled on her rain pants and we headed down the mountain in the rain.  Luckily we were only 6km from the next town - Acquasparta.
Still smiling in the rain!
In Acquasparta we put our Italian language skills to work to ask for directions to the nearest spot to get a caffe.  The two teens we "talked" to gave us the directions to the main piazza in Italian.  Somehow we found the piazza. By the time we had finished our caffe macchiati  and cornetti, the rain had stopped, and we were on our way again.
The ride to Todi was pretty uneventful compared to the previous day, and unfortunately because of all of the rain,  I didn't take a lot of photos.

Once we entered the city walls, we had a short, steep grunt up to Piazza Jacapone and our hotel.  The rest of the afternoon was spent eating, drinking wine, and laundry (gasp!).

Riding around the city walls

The hotel
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