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Fadgen's Adventures
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flying to Rome

This morning (Thursday) started out great.  Made it to the Boise airport easy, had some Big City Coffee, and even boarded on time.  But the good times took a sour turn due to a our plane's toilet inability to flush.  After a 45 minute delay in Boise and a run through the Chicago airport, we were greeted with a closed gate at our connecting flight.  Bummer!  No worries though, after a 3 hour delay we were back on our way and eventually arrived in Roma a little after noon local time.  A couple of trains later we made it to our cozy B&B (Arco Del Lauro - recommended for a bit of real world Rome) in Trastevere to drop off our luggage and then headed out to explore.

First stop was for a quick bite (pizza with truffles) and a glass of wine.

Then it was off to explore around the Colosseo and Forum area.

It's now time to clean up and find a place for dinner and a little vino russo.


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