Fadgen's Adventures

Fadgen's Adventures
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dylan's Eagle Scout Project

Installed Goose Nesting Box

Saturday saw Dylan working with scouts from Kuna Troop 181 on his Eagle Scout project.  The project consisted of constructing three goose nesting boxes and placing them around Hubbard Reservoir.
Dylan's buddy Conner giving some last minute instruction on operating the mitre saw.

What do I do now?

As the adults look on...

Nick doing some drilling

Adding the post

Dang I wish this drill bit was longer.

Coming along


Man these are heavy!

The crew getting ready to plant.


First one is done!

Now the second

Iwo Jima pose

Now we're done!
 A special thanks to the adults for offering pointers: Todd (Scoutmaster), Chuck (Asst. Scoutmaster), Tom, and Nathan.  To the scouts: Nick, Ryan, Jared, Nolan, Kyle, and Cody as well as Dylan's buddy Conner.

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