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Fadgen's Adventures
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Peak of 2010 - Danskin Peak

Dylan, Shadow, and I had tried to snowshoe this peak back in January but had to turn back due to the long approach and a late start. With nothing on the agenda for Sunday April 25th we decided to try it once again.
Pronghorn on the way in
We were actually hoping for snow and had brought our snowshoes along just in case. As you can see the warm weather had significantly reduced the snow and snowshoes were not needed. We were also able to drive 3 miles closer to the mountain than the trip in January, which helped.
Since this peak didn't look too tough, Dylan thought we should make it as hard as possible by going up the steepest portion. After a short approach hike of a little over a mile we started up. Other than being steep, it wasn't too difficult and after an hour and a half we were on top enjoying lunch at the lookout.

Of course, we had to stick around and allow Dylan to play in the snow with his ice axe.

On Top
On the way down we went out of our way to climb a few large rock formations.

All in all we did a little over 2200 feet of elevation gain and a little over 6 miles. Great way to start the 2010 hiking season!

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