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Fadgen's Adventures
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diamond Peak - 12,197 Feet

Last month (yeah it's taken me this long to update this thing) found Dylan and I climbing the highest Peak in the Lemhi range - Diamond Peak. I had driven by this peak for the past five years on the way to elk hunting and had always wanted to climb it. We were joined by a threesome from Pocatello who we had met a few weeks before - Dave, Pam, and another Dave.

After waiting around for the group from Pocatello for 30 minutes, they finally found the trailhead and we were off. This climb involved a short approach hike followed be a steep section of trail that led up to where the actual climbing starts.

Unlike some of the other climbs we have done, this one involved considerable class 3 scrambling. There wasn't any exposure to speak of, but the scrambling was a blast.

Dylan getting excited about the climb

After a few hours we had made it to the summit where we enjoyed the gorgeous views and some kipper snacks!

We took our time coming down the class 3 portion but eventually made it back to the steep trail. This was the toughest part of the day - you really had to pay attention otherwise you were on your butt. After another few hours we were all back at the truck enjoying a post climb beverage and patting ourselves on the back.

Another great day!

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