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Fadgen's Adventures
Green Creek Lake

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

So what to do on Valentine's Day this year? Sleep in and have breakfast in bed? Go out to a swanky restaurant? No way. My lovely wife told me she likes nothing better than feeling sweat roll down the small of her back as she's trudging up a hill in snowshoes. Who was I to say no to something like that??? 

So three of us (we can't get out without Dylan!) packed up and headed out for an afternoon climb in the snow. After an hour climb we reached a ridge and settled down for lunch.

Here is Dylan using his new avalanche shovel to clear out a place for us to sit.

As you can see the weather cooperated for a little bit.

We had a leisurely lunch, enjoyed the view and headed back down before the clouds rolled in. A great way to spend the afternoon with the ones you love.

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