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Fadgen's Adventures
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Powder - Different State

This past weekend we all went to Bozeman, Montana to visit Montana State University as well as to get in a little skiing. We spent all day Friday touring the campus, talking to folks, checking out the college guys, and eating dorm food. The dorm food sure brought back memories! And most of them weren't too good.

Saturday was spent skiing at Bridger Bowl, a local ski area about 16 miles outside of Bozeman. Unfortunately for us, there wasn't too much powder, but the skiing was good anyway.

Compared to our local ski area, Bridger has the same number of lifts, but twice the vertical. Much steeper terrain and most of the upper runs were not groomed, allowing us to practice our mogul skiing.

One of the cool things at Bridger was the ability to backcountry ski. The picture below shows the tracks that people had made after either hiking or skiing up to the ridge. Sounds fun, but you needed to have an avalanche transceiver to access this area. If you look in the top center of the picture, you can see two people on top of the ridge.

Of course the day we left for home (Sunday) they received 11 inches of fresh powder.

We may be spending more time in the area if Taylor chooses to attend Montana State.

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