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Fadgen's Adventures
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Point Mountain Snowshoe

It is cold out here in Kuna this morning - something like 5 degrees!.  We were going to be up in McCall this morning for some backcountry skiing with John Platt, but with a forcasted high temperature of 10 and a low of -13, we decided to wimp out.

After a leisurely start to the morning Tam, Shadow and I headed out to get some fresh (and cold) air and do a little snowshoeing. Three Point Mountain is more hill than mountain, but it offers a close in location for some great views.

As we left the truck in the 15 degree afternoon, the sun was out and the wind was calm.
Three Point Mountain

Tam all bundled up
 As we gained the northern mountain summit, the inversion clouds moved in and really cooled the temperature down.  Luckily, these clouds didn't block the sun for too long.

The snow varied from knee deep powder to wind crusted sastrugi on the ridges.  Not unexpected, the way the wind had been blowing during last week's snowstorm.
Tam almost to the summit
 We had a good hike to two of the three points before we headed back down to the truck.

Shadow Splattski!

All smiles even though it was pretty cold.
We ended up hiking for a little less than two hours and gained a little over 600 feet.  A great day to enjoy the cold sunshine with two of my girls.

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