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Fadgen's Adventures
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bozeman, Montana - Sphinx Mountain

Since Taylor started school at Montana State University two years ago (wow how time flies!) we have driven to Bozeman about 10 times.  Each time we take the drive we pass by a great looking peak in the Madison Range just north of Yellowstone . After a little research we found out it is called Sphinx Mountain with an elevation of 10,876 feet.

Dylan and I had planned on climbing it last Memorial Day but the weather wasn't cooperating and it snowed all weekend.  Even with the Idaho forest fires covering the area in a blanket of smoke we figured this would be our chance.

Taylor and Dylan relaxing at Montana Ale Works
After spending some time with Taylor and Tam on Saturday we headed out early on Sunday morning.  Unlike a lot of our Idaho climbs, we were at the trail head in an hour and a half.  Can't beat that.  Also unlike our Idaho climbs, we were greeted with the following sign:

We had come prepared though - Taylor had lent us her bear spray.  Luckily, we didn't need it.

There was a great trail leading up from Bear Creek and we made quick time in the cool, albeit smoky morning. 

Our objective through the smoke

In a little less than 3 hours we had covered the 5 miles to a saddle with "The Helmet" and started following a climbers trail up a broad gully on Sphinx Mountain.
Dylan with the Helmet behind him
The climber's trail made its way up the scree and moss covered gully. 

The climbing wasn't difficult and in another hour we had reached the summit at 10,876 feet.  The wind had been blowing on our way up and the air had cleared considerably.  With the wind came the cold, and we put our jackets on to eat lunch and admire the views.

With the wind blowing we didn't stay on the summit long.  The trip down went very quickly and we were back at the car a little over two hours later.

Looking back on the way down.
Mileage - ~12 miles
Elevation - ~4600 feet
Car to Car Time - 6 hours

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