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Fadgen's Adventures
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Monday, January 30, 2012

First BC Ski Trip of 2012

The 2011/12 ski season has been off to a slow start.  Even though Bogus didn't open until a couple of weeks ago, we have gotten a few days in, but nothing in the backcountry.  After a hectic day at Bogus, Saturday, we figured we needed a day of solitude skiing.

Tam, Dylan and I got a reasonably early start and left home at 8AM; getting to Mores Creek Summit at 9:30.  Unfortunately, we weren't the first Subaru in the parking lot, nor the second.  As we were unloading another two Subys pulled in!

The plan was to ski off of Pilot Peak at roughly 7800 feet which meant a 1700 foot climb over a 1.5 mile distance.  Piece of cake right?  Well for some reason it took us a couple of hours to gain access to Top of the World Bowl for our first run.

Tam and Dylan trudging up!
 By the time we hit the top is was lunch time.  As you can see it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

After a quick lunch in the sunshine it was time to pull the skins and head down.  The snow was a mixture of cream cheese and wind blown powder.  Great for downhill (AT) guys but not so great for tele dudes!

We did a couple of laps before we called it an afternoon.  You have to love being out in the wilderness - ah solitude!

When we got home Dylan and I put together a little video from snippets taken with the GoPro. Enjoy!

(No music till I figure out the copyright thing)

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