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Fadgen's Adventures
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oregon Coast Brewery Tour

Since we had to get Dylan off at Camp Meriwether on the Oregon coast for a staff in training position, Tam and I decided to make a long weekend out of it.  We packed up a couple of sleeping bags, an air mattress, a tent, and our mountain bikes (and Dylan of course!) and hit the road.  Didn't have any camping spots or any other plans other than to try and get Dylan to camp before dinner.

The first stop was in Hood River at the Full Sail Brewery.  We stopped there for lunch with Dylan and enjoyed the view of the Columbia while sipping some freshly brewed ale.  Then on to camp.

We arrived close to 6PM and Dylan quickly excused himself from his parents and we were on our way.  We headed north a bit before stopping at Cape Lookout State Park to inquire on a place to pitch the tent.  No luck.  But they did give us a list of private camping spots to call.  After a few calls we located a spot to pitch the tent and headed to Pelican Brewery in Pacific City.  There we enjoyed a nice dinner next to the kitchen entrance and on the way to the bathrooms.  The food was good but the setting left something to be desired.

Our camping spot that evening was right on Highway 101 and we arrived a little after dark.  We were serenaded to sleep by the logging trucks traveling the highway.

After a quick breakfast the next morning, we headed out for a mountain bike ride.  We had passed a sign for Munson Falls and decided to ride out to it.  Along the way we took a detour up a logging road for a little climbing.

After the ride it was time to head north.  We swung through Tillamook for a small farmer's market to pick up some cheese and bread for lunch and drove north along the coast.  Along the way we stopped at Rockaway Beach to put our feet in the sand.

The next stop was Nehalem Bay for a quick wine tasting tour at Nehalem Bay Winery.  Here we sampled the wares before selecting a bottle to have with our lunch.

We worked our way north before stopping at Fort Stevens Sate Park to inquire about camping spots.  Again we were greeted with "Camping spots... Are you serious?" before they gave us some commercial campsite options.  Luckily we found a spot a mile away from the park and settled in before dark.  We then took off for Astoria for a little dinner and beer at the Rogue Brewery on Pier 39.  After dinner we took a walk to see the sea lions and talk to some folks catching sturgeon.

The next morning we woke to the sound of water dropping on the tent.  It wasn't quite raining but it was definitely wet.  After another quick breakfast, we again got on the bikes for a little ride.  The plan this morning was to explore the Fort Stevens area.  We visited an old shipwreck as well as headed out the mouth of the Columbia. Luckily the mist lifted after the first 20 minutes of the ride making for a nice two hour jaunt.
After the ride it was time for a shower and to hit the road again.  Our goal on Monday was to make it to Hood River to spend the night.  We decided to stay on the Washington side of the Columbia for the drive which made for a more scenic, albeit slower, drive.  We didn't have too far to go anyway.  Upon arriving in Hood River with all its kite sailing and wind surfing folks it was time again to find a camping spot.  Without knowing where to go we headed up towards Mt. Hood since it seemed like a good idea.  We stopped at a fruit stand to inquire about camping and the folks there were very helpful.  Not only did they direct us to a county park for a tent site, but also directed us to a different brew pub.

That evening we had a great pizza called the truffle shuffle and some outstanding beer.  We topped it off with some ice cream while walking around town before calling it a night.

The next morning we woke up and brewed some coffee (our first cooking of the trip!) and hit the road for home.

Mt. Adams
We had such a good time that we'll definitely be planning future trips with no plans!

Trip stats - over 1300 miles driven, 4 brew pubs, no complaints.


Ralph S. said...

Wow! The SW Chutes on Adams still look highly skiable! Nice trip. I love the coast. Usually around Newport, is where we stay.

Deltaoperator17 said...

No Adams action?

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