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Fadgen's Adventures
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Daughters

Some have said that a father and daughter share a special bond.  I know that Tam and I have a very special daughter in Taylor.  She is a beautiful young lady who has always exceeded our growing expectations, is a joy to be around, and has a very bright future.

Our backpacking trip last weekend, before she heads to Montana State University for college, got me thinking back to all the previous trips she and I have shared.  She was the inspiration to start these annual backpacking trips with the kids.  A time with father and daughter away from all the stress of the real world.

We started this when she was eleven years old having no idea if or how long these annual trips would last.  As it turns out, other than a two year absence, they have occurred every year.

The first year, 2003, we selected Box Lake outside of McCall. This trip occurred in late June and started out great.  The problem we ran into was that the lake was still frozen over.  We made due by camping in a meadow next to a snow bank and spent most of our time in the tent due to the mosquitoes.  Taylor probably remembers this trip by the extremely large cinnamon roll she had at the McCall Pancake House before the trip home.

Box Lake Trail Head - 2003
In 2004 we selected another lake close to McCall called Coffee Cup Lake.  This was a short hike into a small valley holding our destination lake.  Taylor had graduated from carrying only her clothes in my day pack to carrying a "normal" backpack.  On this trip we explored another lake close by and Taylor and I saw a pink grasshopper on the way to this lake.

Coffee Cup Lake Trail Head - 2004
Overlooking Coffee Cup Lake (One of my favorites)

2005 saw us get a little more ambitious as we traveled to an area in the Southern Seven Devils Wilderness called Six Lake Basin.  The long drive to the trail head caused for a late start which resulted in us not finding a camping area until dark.  This trip was memorable due to the large heard of elk we sat watching and listening to them talk to one another as they grazed below us.
Six Lake Basin Trail Head
Taylor underneath a large boulder

The next year (2006) we headed for a large group of lakes in the Trinity Mountains called Rainbow Basin. Here we spent a couple of days hiking around viewing the different lakes and climbing up to Trinity Lookout at 9400 feet. We had a good time talking to the lookout attendant and enjoyed her technique in nailing pancakes into the ground so the squirrels could only nibble on them rather than take them away.
Rainbow Basin Trail Head
Taylor enjoying a morning reading.

In 2007, dad got very ambitious and decided that we should hike to some remote lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains by Lake Alturus called Alpine Creek Lakes.  Taylor will remember this trip as the "it's just over this next rise" hike.  This was a long tough hike/climb into some remote lakes at 9100 feet elevation.  This hike was a little tough on Taylor and was probably the reason for not going on a hike the following year.  We tried to climb Snowyside Peak but were shut down when the route proved way too difficult.

Alpine Creek Trail Head
Overlooking Lake 9050

After the 2007 hike we skipped a couple of years.  In addition to the tough hiking the previous year, Taylor became busy with church youth group outings and the summers seemed to slip away.

This summer in recognition of her leaving for college we decided to head back to Box Lake.  This year the lake wasn't frozen and we spent a couple of great nights hanging out fishing, hiking, and reading.

I have greatly enjoyed being able to spend quality time on these trips with my daughter, Taylor.  I really think that this has helped our "special bond".  My hope is that these experiences will help her enjoy the outdoors with her future family.  I also hope that she'll drag her old man out for a hike in 20 years or so.

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