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Fadgen's Adventures
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Smokey Dome Peak (10,095 feet) - June 27

In continued preparation for our climb of Lost River Peak we took a short jaunt north of Fairfield to climb Smokey Dome. Every time we drive by Fairfield I comment that we need to climb it and today we finally got around to it. We had seen Doug the day before and invited him along. So after a short drive the three of us and two dogs took off up a draw.

After going up the draw a bit, Dylan and I decided to head to the summit while Doug decided to continue up the draw to the ridge. The plan was to meet up there. The scramble to the summit took us through a couple of snow fields where we put on our crampons for some more orientation with their use.

Here we are on the ridge with the summit behind us.

Upon reaching the summit at 10,095 feet we had a quick lunch, signed the register, and took off before the wind cooled us down too much. Since we planned on meeting up with Doug at the head of the draw we traversed a fun ridge that allowed some scrambling. Since Shadow was with us Dylan did all the "fun" stuff while I rock hopped below with the puppy.

Here he is at the summit of a great scramble.
A great trip where we did about 7 miles round trip and a couple of thousand vertical feet.

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