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Fadgen's Adventures
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mt. Heinen April 16th

With the anticipation of a big snow climb in a couple of weeks with the Idaho Summits folks I figured we needed to get a few miles and several thousand feet in, so we wouldn't be holding the group up.  All of this skiing lately didn't equate to hiking up a mountain. 

Saturday was one of those classic Idaho spring days with a mix of sunshine, clouds and rain. It was gorgeous as Dylan, Shadow and I headed up from Arrowrock Reservoir.  Since Dylan had something going on that morning we didn't start up until 1:30.

Looking back at Arrowrock
It didn't take long before the clouds blew in, but it stayed relatively warm and there was just enough breeze to dry the sweat as I tried to keep up with Dylan.  He was feeling pretty strong this afternoon and I struggled to stay up with him. 

It's up there somewhere


Arrowrock is somewhere back there

It was a great day to be out.  We saw close to 100 elk, several small deer herds, a few pair of chukar, and even a pair of ruffed grouse.

A few of the elk we saw on the way up
 As we came to the top of the ridge we were greeted with a north facing slope that held quite a bit of snow.  We had to drop down a bit through this snow in order to gain the ridge to the summit.

Because of the late start we had some great snow conditions - rotten, soft snow where we sank to our knees with every other step.  This was quite the treat and we took turns breaking trail up to the summit ridge to get out of this "snow".  Shadow was having a tough time as well.  For some reason she thought she should travel in our footsteps which caused her to sink to her chest in the snow.  Eventually we made the summit ridge and hit the peak at 5PM, 3 1/2 hours after we had started.

Dylan with the summit behind him

Summit Ridge with clouds building

Summit Photo
 It took us almost as much time coming down as it did going up, but we made it back to the truck without needing our headlamps. We had a bit of rain on the way down but luckily the heavy downpour didn't start until Dylan was driving us home.

Trip stats: 12.9 miles, 7 hours, and over 3000 vertical climbed.  Climbed is probably not the correct word, more like a long stroll up a steep hill.

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Anonymous said...

Brings back some great memories of late season archery hunting in that area. Great pics and outing guys.

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