Fadgen's Adventures

Fadgen's Adventures
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starting School!

This week started Taylor's biggest adventure yet - beginning college at Montana State University.  We had the truck loaded up and we were off at 4:30AM for the long drive to Bozeman, Montana.  After a short 8 hours, we pulled into the front of North Hedges - Taylor's home for the next five months.  We slowed down just enough to throw all her stuff out of the back of the truck and we were out of there!

Wait, that wasn't what happened. There was no way we could throw all her stuff out while the truck was moving - there was just way too much of it.

Taylor and all her stuff ready to be carried to her room

We spent an hour setting up a loft for her bed before walking around the campus enjoying Catapalooza.

Dad enjoying the time setting up the loft.

Taylor enjoying the room the loft has to offer

Some Catapalooza activities:

Blindfolded rock climbing
Free food - a college kids dream!

Slack lining

After getting Taylor settled, the rest of the Fadgens decided on partaking in one of Bozeman's most popular hiking destinations - Sacajawea Peak, the highest mountain in the Bridger's.  This was a short 4 mile round trip up a gorgeous basin to the summit at 9665 feet.  Other than a little wind and haze from forest fires, it was a great day with amazing views.

Summit photo
 On the way down we spotted a nanny and kid climbing up to the ridge.  We sent Dylan off to give chase and here is one of his pictures:

Sacajawea Peak

Bozeman is a beautiful place and we know that Taylor will enjoy it.  We already miss you Zoopies and it's only been one day.  Have fun and study hard.

Love you.
Dad, Mom, and Dylan.

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Kathy said...

Awww! Sounds like a fun, scary time! Did you come up with that "loft" thing? What a great idea!

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